You don’t need to look far to see the impact of inflation in almost every part of everyday life, but deflation could help you save on fruit and veg - if you know where to look.

Unfortunately, inflation means that it’s normal for the price of goods and services to go up over time. However, Australia is currently experiencing a period of much higher inflation than normal. While the cost of living is growing, there are some fruit and veg bucking the trend thanks to high supply.

Fruit and veg prices can vary from week-to-week depending on supply. 

Here at Woolworths, we work with Australian farmers to source quality local fruit and veg. 

We pay the market price, which can go up or down depending on a range of factors. It all comes back to supply and demand - events like hail, flooding or simply cooler temperatures than usual can damage fruit and veg crops on the farm, resulting in less produce being harvested, causing prices to go up. However, when growers experience a better season than last, availability of produce increases and often the market price will go down. When this happens, we aim to pass those savings on to our customers at the checkout.

Deflation occurs when products are cheaper than they were 12 months ago, and at the moment, there are a range of vegetables that are in deflation. As always, the secret is to buy ‘in-season’ produce - that’s when supply is at its highest and prices are more likely to be lower. It’s also when produce will be at its very best quality!

Right now, the best vegetables that are in deflation are*:

  • Red and green capsicums - approx. 50% cheaper than this time last year
  • Continental cucumbers - approx. 40% cheaper than this time last year
  • Peas & Beans - approx. 35% cheaper than this time last year
  • Iceberg lettuce - approx. 30% cheaper than this time last year

*% reductions accurate at 3 July 2023 

So next time you’re in store, keep an eye out for these veggies for great value on fresh produce.


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