Berries are back in abundance - with a great supply of strawberries and blueberries starting to hit stores later month.

While berries are available all year round, a good growing season means that there are more berries around - and that means even better value when you pick up a punnet during your next shop.

Currently, all berries are down in price by 23%, while strawberries are down 31% compared to last year*. 

Daniel Scott has a pretty sweet job as our Category Manager for Berries, Cherries and Grapes. He says that thanks to our Australian First Sourcing Policy, the vast majority of our fresh produce is grown right here.

“One of the benefits of locally grown produce is that it doesn’t have to travel as far, which means it’s as fresh as possible when our customers pick it up in store,” says Daniel.

Jamie Michael from Ti Produce Marketing in Bullsbook, WA is one of our many local suppliers, and has been supplying us with berries for more than 15 years.

They pick their fruit only a day or two before it hits our shelves.

Jaimie says we’re coming into peak strawberry season; “Strawberries are a seasonal fruit and based on where we’re located on the northern fringe of Perth, we have a winter crop that is harvested from May until December, with a peak from August until October.”

Our Australian First Sourcing Policy means that we’re committed to selecting fresh home grown produce wherever possible. Currently, 96% of our fresh fruit and vegetables and 100% of our own brand fresh meat, chicken, eggs and milk come from Australia. 

If a fruit or vegetable is not in season, not grown here or there simply isn’t enough to go around, we sometimes have to look further afield. But the priority is for fresh home grown produce from Aussie farming communities, wherever possible.

To help you make the best of berries this season, our team of chefs has created some berry delicious recipes for you to try at home:

*(based on July 2022 vs July 2023)