As part of the Woolworths Group, Australian Grocery Wholesalers (AGW) was established in October 2019 to bring the best of Woolworths to more Australian Communities everyday. AGW is proud to bring a wholesale offer to the market for Woolworths - selling groceries, health and beauty products, household and cleaning supplies, pet and baby products, as well as a range of stationery - by optimising strategic partnerships and contracts.

AGW has four key areas which set the foundation for our identity as a wholesale provider, which are:

  1. Food quality, affordability and security; 
  2. Providing healthy options, 
  3. Customer partnerships and 
  4. Sustainability. 

These four pillars combine to create a unique wholesale offer in the Australian market, and build a foundation for the AGW business to grow together with our customers.

As a key part of Woolworths growing B2B offering, AGW is immersed within Woolworth’s “Food Group Ecosystem,” which gives us access to the extensive food group range, replenishment teams and also helps to drive Supply Chain efficiency. AGW is also proud to support a range of remote Australian communities, and partner with charity organisations to truly live our purpose in bringing the best of Woolworths to more Australian communities every day.