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02.12.21 Woolworths Group proposal to acquire API


27.10.21 Results of Annual General Meeting
27.10.21 AGM Addresses and Presentation
27.10.21 F22 Q1 Sales Announcement
18.10.21 Buy-Back Completion Announcement
08.10.21 Woolworths Group settles salaried team member class action proceedings
01.10.21 Appointment of Philip Chronican as a Director


29.09.21 Australian Sustainability Linked Bond issuance
27.09.21 2021 Annual General Meeting
10.09.21 Sustainability Linked Bond issuance
09.09.21 Board retirement and new appointment
06.09.21 2021 Sustainability Report and Appendix


26.08.21 Buy-Back Announcement and Booklet
26.08.21 2021 Annual Report
26.08.21 Full Year Investor and Analyst Presentation
26.08.21 Full Year Profit Announcement
20.08.21 Revised securities trading policy
16.08.21 Important dates for shareholders


28.07.21 ATO class ruling on Endeavour Group Demerger
01.07.21 Endeavour Group demerger implemented


28.06.21 Endeavour Group Separation & Completion of PFD
23.06.21 F21 Significant Items and Supply Chain Update
18.06.21 General Meeting Results
18.06.21 Fair Work Ombudsman Proceedings
18.06.21 General Meeting - Chairman address and presentation
10.06.21 ACCC decision on investment in PFD
01.06.21 Woolworths Group completes transaction with Quantium


10.05.21 Demerger Booklet
10.05.21 Demerger of Endeavour Group - Announcement
10.05.21 Demerger of Endeavour Group - Briefing Presentation
10.05.21 Independent Expert Report


29.04.21 F21 Q3 sales announcement
29.04.21 Darwin Dan Murphy’s development update
20.04.21 Woolworths Group deepens partnership with Quantium


24.02.21 Endeavour Group Separation Update
24.02.21 Half-Year Profit Announcement
24.02.21 Half-Year Analyst Presentation
24.02.21 Appendix 4D and Half-Year Financial Report


29.01.21 Statement on shareholder class action