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The latest in four generations of farming, prime lamb producer Jock Richmond has enjoyed a 25-year partnership with Woolworths in providing Australian consumers with excellent lamb chops and roasts.

Based in Little River, Victoria, Jock owns Rose Grange Pastoral, which supplies up to 10,000 lambs to Woolworths each year.

“We have a great relationship with a Victorian livestock buyer for Woolworths who gives us clear direction on how many lambs they need and what they’re looking for in terms of quality, Jock said.

“Some of our lambs are sold off the mother to Woolworths at 15-18 weeks and usually weigh around 20‑24 kilograms (kg).

“From a producer’s perspective we aim to breed an early maturing lamb that is nice and lean and doesn’t lay down large amounts of fat on the carcass.

“We work hard to maintain those carcass traits – lean meat yields, carcass weight, eye muscle and fat depths – which are critical indicators of a lamb’s eating quality, Jock said.

Jock puts his lasting relationship with Woolworths down to both parties having a solid commitment to quality.

“Woolworths only buy the best quality meat, and we pride ourselves on only providing the best, he said.

“We don’t have a contract, but my family has had an ongoing relationship with Woolworths for almost 25 years. As a family, we tend to be loyal people and Woolworths are very loyal to us in return.

“Their livestock buyers know that when lambs are in short supply we’ll always have something for them.

“Dealing with a major player like Woolworths provides our family business with economic security so we work hard to maintain the relationship.

David Hudson is Woolworth’s Livestock Procurement Manager for lamb and has worked with producers like Jock Richmond for the last 23 years.
During that time he says the supermarket has very much adhered to a policy of quality first, price second.

“We obviously try to purchase at the best price possible, but we are a company that has always pursued a quality lamb product to serve to our customers. No shortcuts are taken to deliver that product, David said.

“At Woolworths, we like to guarantee eating quality so we look for lambs that are in prime condition. We like to guarantee a great eating experience every time.

“Our livestock buyers like going direct to farmers so we can source our lamb straight from the paddock.

“We have suppliers just like Jock right across the eastern seaboard of Australia that are familiar with our market specifications and can produce a top quality product.

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