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Implementing environmental programs requires a significant financial investment, and Petuna Seafood’s long-standing relationship with Woolworths has ensured a sustainable supply of salmon to customers across Australia.

The Tasmanian-based Petuna Seafood has been working with Woolworths for close to 15 years.

In that time the relationship has helped Petuna’s business grow and flourish to become one of Australia’s largest seafood companies.

Petuna Marketing and Logistics Manager Tim Hess says the company is currently in the process of becoming BAP (Best Aquaculture Practice) certified with the Global Aquaculture Alliance (GAA) standard.
The company has also worked closely with other fishing operations in its local area to improve sustainability and environmental outcomes throughout the region.

“Macquarie Harbour is regarded as the best salmon growing area in Australia, and a commitment to sound environmental management has helped Petuna become the high quality reliable supplier it is today, Tim said.

“We really focus on good farming practices and sustainability. That means quality feed full of natural ingredients for the fish, low stocking densities and a breeding program that allows us to reduce waste across the supply chain.

“To say we have a great relationship with a major supermarket certainly helps us get the finances we need for major projects like our current undertaking which encompasses expansion of our leases at our marine farm on Macquarie Harbour and upgrading of our processing facilities at Devonport.

Petuna supplies Woolworths with the fresh salmon products displayed in the seafood section. Petuna has two salmon farms, one in Macquarie Harbour on the west coast, and the other is a joint venture at Rowella on the Tamar River in the state’s north.

All the products are prepared for sale and packed in Devonport – making Petuna one of the largest employers in Tasmania.

“We’ve chosen to keep working with Woolworths instead of other supermarkets because we’ve had such a good relationship with them for such a long time, Tim said.

Woolworths has made a strong commitment to ensuring its suppliers are profitable and sustainable Australian businesses.

Woolworths National Manager for Seafood Jason McQuaid says the company works hard to make sure it has strong relationships with its suppliers.

“We always pay on time and we’ve moved to electronic invoicing. That’s all about making it easier for the businesses we deal with to work with us, Jason said.

“We don’t want to bury these businesses in paperwork. And once their product gets to our store we work really hard to bring the product to life.

“Woolworths needs strong suppliers that are profitable and can invest in their business and bring innovation to the market, he says.

And customers can always feel comfortable knowing the salmon they bought from Woolworths is the freshest available.

“We’ve got a very quick process for getting the fish out of the water and into the grocery basket, Tim said.

“It’s only a matter of days from getting the fish from the farm, through processing and transported by boat to the main land.

“On top of that we’ve got rigorous quality assurance protocols in place to ensure our customers get the best quality salmon there is.

Both Tim and Jason see a bright future for the Petuna – Woolworths partnership. As Salmon sales rise, supply is expected to triple in the next 10 years. Not bad for a family business that started out in Tasmania in 1948.

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