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John Ramsay's family have been in the farming industry for years. "My mother's family have been farming forever and my dad started on a 200 acre farm in the 1950s, before he bought his Bridport based farm in 1974."  

This year, John, is taking part in the MLA challenge, a new program that showcases six Australian beef and lamb producers, who are making positive changes to improve productivity, sustainability and profitability in their business.

Through irrigation developments and pasture renovation, John and his family have transformed their farming practices in the last ten years, from being merino producers, to prime lamb and poppy growers.  They currently have a 14,000 head herd of merino and composite sheep across three properties in Tasmania.

The main family farm "Ratho", is a 1,800 hectare property that runs 7,000 sheep.  "We bought "Ratho" after I returned from Orange Agricultural College in 2001.  I am the owner/manager of "Ratho" and this is the farm I will be focusing on during the MLA challenge."

For more information on the MLA Challenge and John's progress please click here.

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