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Our Planet

Ecologically Responsible Seafood

Our Commitment

Woolworths Group is committed to improving the sustainability of seafood in our supply chain. Ecologically responsible aquaculture is critical to reduce the environmental impacts of farmed seafood, while safeguarding people and animal welfare. A priority must be placed on fishing more sustainably to support fish stocks and marine ecosystems regeneration, and to continue to provide for future generations. Woolworths Group supports seafood producers who are doing the right thing, by protecting our marine and freshwater ecosystems. 

Our Sustainability Plan 2025 maps our aspiration to have 100% of our Own Brand seafood will be ecologically responsible or sourced sustainably.

Own Brand Sourcing

Farmed Seafood

We are committed to responsible aquaculture farming practices, safeguarding people, environment and animals.

We will preferentially source farmed seafood that is: 

The following additional sourcing requirements apply to farmed seafood products that carry the ASC logo:

  • Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) certified and assessed against the ASC Chain of Custody Standard.

We are proud to celebrate our Woolworths Smoked Oysters for receiving the highly commended Best Responsible Seafood Product - ASC award, in the Sustainable Seafood Awards Australia 2021.

Wild-Caught Seafood

We are committed to responsible fish stock management and catching methods that minimise habitat changes, bycatch and discards.

We will preferentially source wild-caught seafood that is: 

The following additional sourcing requirements apply to wild-caught seafood products that carry the MSC logo: 

  • Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified and assessed against the MSC Chain of Custody Standard.

The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) is an international non-profit on a mission to end overfishing that set standards for sustainable fishing and traceability within the seafood supply chain. 

When you see the MSC blue fish tick on a wild-caught seafood product or menu, it can be traced back to an MSC certified sustainable fishery. By looking at each fishery individually using science, fisheries prove and improve their sustainability performance.

There's a wide variety of wild-caught sustainable seafood with the MSC blue fish tick label available at Woolworths. This includes family favourites such as sustainable tuna, sustainable salmon, and sustainable prawns.

Skipjack and Yellowfin Tuna

The following sourcing requirements apply to Own Brand ambient tuna products:

  • Preferential sourcing of MSC certified tuna harvested through FAD Free and/or Pole & Line fishing methods.
  • In the absence of the above, tuna will be harvested through FAD Free and/or Pole & Line fishing methods from:
    • ‘Comprehensive’ FIPs with progress rating of A or B (; or
    • Suppliers that are participating companies in the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF)
      • Via membership of the International Seafood Sustainability Association (ISSA);
      • With no ‘major’ non-conformances identified in their annual audit report;
      • Only sourcing from vessels listed on the ISSF Proactive Vessel Register (PVR).
For more information see our new Woolworths Group Seafood Sourcing Policy.


Woolworths Ocean Pool Fund 2021

Woolworths Ocean Pool Fund’s mission is to help support the environmental performance of the Australian Seafood Industry through traceability, data capture, certification, process improvements and education. The Fund, developed in collaboration with WWF, is part of our three‑year partnership to support our suppliers on their journey towards a more sustainable seafood industry. With $160,000 to award, the Fund received an outstanding calibre of applications, and awarded funds to three suppliers to help support the environmental performance of the Australian Seafood Industry. More details to come soon.

Woolworths and WWF-Australia

Woolworths recognises WWF as one of the world’s most trusted and recognised brands, Australia’s most trusted environmental organisation and leading authorities on seafood and marine sustainability. Because of this, WWF is well placed to advise Woolworths and help engage all involved in the seafood sourcing industry - including fishers, fish farmers, suppliers, scientists, government, other conservation organisations and customers - to encourage positive change.

Woolworths and WWF-Australia established a partnership in 2018 and through this WWF will provide us with technical advice on the sustainability of Woolworths’ seafood supply chain, as well as strategic recommendations to transition Woolworths’ seafood supply chain to more sustainable sources. More specifically WWF-Australia will: 

  • provide advice on Woolworths sustainable seafood policies, 
  • coordinate assessments of Woolworths’ seafood sources using WWF’s Ecological Sustainability Evaluation of Seafood (ESES) methodology
  • Based on the outcome of the assessments, provide recommendations to help Woolworths source seafood more sustainably
  • support the implementation of projects to improve the sustainability of fisheries and farms from which we source seafood
  • support Woolworths’ labelling initiatives and traceability pilots and case studies 
  • provide support to Woolworths’ supplier engagement regarding sustainable sourcing