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Woolworths Own Brand Products Named the Healthiest in Australia by Independent Researchers

New research by the George Institute for Global Health has revealed that Woolworths ‘own brand’ products are the healthiest among major supermarket brands in Australia.

The study, FoodSwitch - State of the Food Supply, was conducted by the George Institute for Global Health working in collaboration with the Global Obesity Centre at Deakin University. The researchers analysed more than 32,000 processed food items on sale across Australia, as part of the annual snapshot. The Australian government Health Star Rating (HSR) was used to assess the nutritional quality of food items, alongside other measures such as the level of processing and nutrient composition.

For supermarkets, Woolworths came out on top with an average HSR of 3.2, followed by Coles with a HSR of 3.0, Aldi 2.7 and IGA 2.6.

The findings support Woolworths’ continued commitment to making healthier easier for all Australians. As Woolworths Senior Nutritionist, Natalie Chong explained; "We have a dedicated team of nutritionists at Woolworths, who work with our food development team to continuously improve the nutritional profile of our products while ensuring we’re creating balanced and tasty food.”

“In the last three years, Woolworths has improved the nutrition of more than 250 products, resulting in 214 tonnes less salt, 122 tonnes less saturated fat, 267 tonnes less sugar and we’ve added in 5,600 tonnes more whole grains.”

Woolworths were also the first Australian supermarket to sign up to the government's health star rating scheme, and 100 percent of Woolworths ‘own brand’ products now carry the Health Star Rating logo on the packaging. The move represents an important step in their commitment to making healthier easier for their customers.

Woolworths Senior Nutritionist, Natalie Chong said: "We are pleased to see our efforts to provide healthier own brand options recognised in this study, and recognise there is still more to do."