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Woolworths launches new refrigerant technology

Collins Square in Melbourne has seen the launch of one of Australia’s most modern supermarkets as Woolworths opened the doors to its newest Metro store last month.
Along with many exciting improvements, the new store features an innovative waterloop refrigeration system. The waterloop technology offers a massive reduction in refrigerant charge (water is used in place of refrigerant) and refrigerant leak rate compared to standard supermarket systems.  Waterloop also unlocks huge potential for heat recovery which contributes to high levels of energy efficiency.
Whilst the in-store showcases look no different, this important behind-the-scenes technology update is helping us to meet our commitments to innovate with natural refrigerants and reduce the carbon footprint of our business.
This new technology is driven by our 2020 target is to ‘Innovate with natural refrigerants and reduce refrigerant leakage in our stores by 15 per cent of CO2-e below 2015 levels.’ This target will be achieved by using new technology, such as the waterloop system and also contribute to the achievement of the Woolworths Group emissions target.