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Woolworths Greenway Village opens with latest refrigeration techonology

Thursday, 25th May 2017: Last week customers saw the opening of one of Australia’s most modern supermarkets at Greenway Village in Colebee. The store features a number of exciting additions including new innovative technology working behind-the-scenes.
The new store is the first Australian Woolworths to employ a Transcritical CO2 refrigeration system. Transcritical CO2 technology has the potential to deliver significant energy benefits and is also a fantastic step toward our climate change goals. It uses 100% natural refrigerants, which means a negligible Global Warming Potential, compared to conventional synthetic refrigerant gases. 

Our New Zealand Countdown business have already installed three transcritical CO2 systems with one other currently under refurbishment. Additionally, our New Zealand Fresh Choice business has three under construction. 
Whilst the in-store showcases look no different, this important technology is helping us to meet our commitments to innovate with natural refrigerants and reduce the carbon footprint of our business.
This new technology is driven by our 2020 target is to ‘Innovate with natural refrigerants and reduce refrigerant leakage in our stores by 15 percent of CO2-e below 2015 levels.’ This target will be reached by using such new technology and also work towards achieving the Woolworths Group emissions target.