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Woolworths and Jamie Oliver help customers to reduce food waste

In a recent visit to Australia in May 2017, world-renowned chef and Woolworths ambassador, Jamie Oliver hosted a media event at the Food Innovation Centre at the Woolworths Support Office in Bella Vista to help raise awareness of reducing food waste in Australia.  
“Food waste is a huge drain on our natural resources, and millions of tonnes of perfectly edible food ends up as landfill every year. Stats suggest that Australian households throw out one in every five bags of their food shopping, which is worth an estimated $1,036 per household each year. That’s massive! ” said Jamie Oliver.
“Minimising food waste is so important in supporting a responsible and sustainable food system - it allows better distribution of nutritious food to those who really need it, and it eases the enormous strain on our planet’s resources.
“There’s so much that can be done to make things better, and each and every one of us has a part to play. Whether it’s planning our meals better; checking the fridge before shopping so we know what we need; weighing out things like rice and pasta to avoid cooking too much; embracing misshapen veg and fruit; making the most of our leftovers; or being open-minded about the cut or type of meat and fish we buy - every little step helps,” he said.
Woolworths partners with food rescue organisations, such as OzHarvest, Foodbank and others, to help reduce the amount of edible surplus food going to waste. Food that might once have been wasted, is now feeding Australians in need. The Odd Bunch range of fruits and vegetables was designed to cut waste for Aussie farmers and make healthy food cheaper - you can get lemons, carrots, pears, apples and more deliciously odd-shaped foods every day.
Jamie continued; “With this in mind, and in support of all the fantastic work Woolworths has been doing to reduce food waste, I’ve pulled together a whole bunch of clever little tips and tricks to help you make the most of commonly wasted ingredients.
Peel, core and cook them low and slow with a squeeze of fresh orange juice and a splash of water until soft and nicely stewed, then enjoy with yoghurt or granola, or freeze to use in smoothies.
Mash up super-ripe avocado with chopped spring onions, as much fresh chilli as you dare and a squeeze of lime for a super-quick guacamole.
Peel, slice and arrange on a baking tray, then dry out in a very low oven. Once cool, pop in a jar and they’ll be great for snacking on or scattering over your morning porridge.
Minced beef
Mix with lemon zest, egg, breadcrumbs, fresh soft herbs and a pinch of seasoning, then roll into meatballs or burgers and freeze until needed.
Try roasting them whole drizzled with a little olive oil, a squeeze of orange juice and some fresh thyme leaves for a gorgeous side dish.

Mix cooked potatoes with free-range mayo, chopped capers and shallots, a few anchovies and a fresh soft herb of your choice, such as dill or mint, for a tasty potato salad.