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Another 1,500,000 meals for Australians in need

Thanks to the support of Woolworths customers and store teams during our 2017 Christmas Appeal, Woolworths will be helping OzHarvest to provide another 1.5 million meals to Australians in need.

OzHarvest is Woolworths’ national fresh food rescue partner, and we work together to rescue surplus fresh food from our stores to help Australians who may otherwise go without. Woolworths provides year round support to OzHarvest, with additional support via the Christmas Appeal, helping OzHarvest to provide fresh food to more than 1000 hunger relief agencies around the country. 

Through the Woolworths partnership, OzHarvest continues to grow, and reach more vulnerable Australians. Donations support OzHarvest’s operating costs, such as refrigeration, vans and warehousing, and just 50c covers the per meal cost of this important community service.  

Every donation of 50c will help OzHarvest provide another meal. So if you supported our Christmas Appeal by purchasing an OzHarvest Meal Token, Santa Cookies, OzHarvest Bouquet or made a donation - we say a million thanks.