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Unlocking our full potential through a philosophy of care.

An important part of building a better tomorrow is to invest in the wellbeing and progress of our team so that every individual has an equal opportunity to succeed.

We know that people are happier and more fulfilled at work if they can be themselves. We want our team members to feel safe and welcome whatever their gender, age, ethnicity, faith, ability or sexual orientation.

We will achieve a truly inclusive workplace if everybody embraces our vision, from the newest arrival to our most senior leaders. Diversity among our leadership is critical in setting the tone for the kind of inclusion we want to see throughout our business.

The care doesn’t stop at what we can do for our team members today. As our retail business moves at speed into a new era of technology and progress, we are determined not to leave anybody behind. We will make sure our teams feel comfortable with change and equip them with new skills so they can excel.

Customer and team safety has always been a primary focus, and we also have mental health in our sights. It’s just as important as physical health, but often more difficult to spot. We want to create a culture where it’s OK for our team to ask for help and where the workplace is a safe and supportive environment. With the help of our partners we are putting programs in place to help our team members to take care of themselves and each other.

Modern slavery is a growing global and systemic issue with an estimated 16 million people in forced labour in the private economy. Our commitment for people extends beyond our own teams to include every worker in our global supply chains, particularly in respect of their human rights. We will work together with our suppliers to build a rights-respecting culture where modern slavery risks can be identified, managed and mitigated.

Closer to home, we’re at the heart of all our communities. We are determined to make a positive impact across Australia and New Zealand by investing in local programs and expanding our work with S.T.A.N.D. to provide relief in times of natural disaster.

Sustainability is important to us and it's key that our partners and suppliers share similar values. It’s only in us working together through mutually beneficial partnerships, that we can achieve our ambitions for a better tomorrow.

Goal 1: Be a truly inclusive workplace
  • Woolworths Group leadership will be balanced, bringing diversity of thought to all decision-making forums, including 40:40:20 gender balance, improved cultural diversity and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples representation.
  • Using benchmarking tools administered by expert external organisations, we will validate our performance and hold ourselves to account. We aim to:
    • Achieve WGEA Employer of Choice for Gender Equality citation (note: does not apply to New Zealand).
    • Implement our current Innovate-level Reconciliation Action Plan and continue our commitment to reconciliation by developing a Stretch RAP. This includes reaffirming our commitment to support the Uluru Statement from the Heart (note: does not apply to New Zealand).
    • Achieve Platinum Tier employer status in the Australian Workplace Equality Index (AWEI) for LGBTQ inclusion. New Zealand: Maintain Rainbow Tick accreditation for 5 years with a ranking of ‘fully achieved with continuous improvement’.
    • Create and implement an Accessibility Action Plan and submit to the Australian Network on Disability Access and Inclusion Index, with year-on-year improvement. New Zealand: Join Accessibility Tick program and achieve year-on-year improvement against the 9 competency areas through annual gap analysis.
  • Our investment in listening and responding to our team’s needs will be reflected in a sustainable increase in their advocacy for Woolworths as a place to work, as measured in our Voice of Team surveys.
Goal 2: Invest in the holistic wellbeing of our team
  • We are committed to caring for our team, safeguarding them and investing in their holistic wellbeing (mental, physical, financial, social and community). We will do this by:
    • Providing a simplified wellbeing hub enabling team members to access support for all aspects of their wellbeing, as measured by the number of team members using these tools.
    • Building a psychologically-safe workplace where people believe it’s OK not to feel OK and it’s absolutely OK to ask for help.
  • We are committed to keeping our teams safe by:
    • Eliminating serious incidents.
    • Eliminating the possibility of someone being injured, or suffering an illness, whilst working with us.
    • Continuing to provide the best care and response support.
  • We will support the financial wellbeing of our team, by maintaining gender pay parity for like-for-like roles and providing advice with the support of our partners. New Zealand: Measure and report on gender pay inequality and our actions to decrease our gender pay gap.
Goal 3: Create meaningful retail careers in the workplace of the future
  • We will be an employer of choice for young people seeking their first job.
  • For new team members joining us, we’ll prepare them for their future careers, providing them with the tools needed to create and contribute to an inclusive culture.
  • We will give our team members experiences and capabilities that last well beyond their first job.
  • The Woolworths Future of Work Fund is our commitment to deploying funds towards identifying skills and capabilities for the future, and putting in place programs of work that will support the upskilling and reskilling of our teams.
Goal 4: Activate ethical and mutually beneficial partnerships through the whole value chain
  • We will strengthen our human rights governance and promote a rights-respecting culture by:
    • Conducting and publishing a Group-wide Human Rights Impact Assessment.
    • Taking action on Responsible Purchasing Practices.
  • We will mitigate, remedy and report on human rights and modern slavery risks by:
    • Conducting due diligence on high-risk commodities at multiple supplier tiers based on a forced labour risk assessment.
    • Developing remediation protocols for key modern slavery indicators.
    • Maintaining a supply chain map with key human rights indicators for strategic supplier sites.
  • We will build sustainable human rights outcomes through multi-stakeholder and cross-industry partnerships by:
    • Establishing an external Human Rights Advisory Committee.
    • Engaging potentially affected groups in program design and evaluation.
    • Strengthening worker engagement to improve real-time supply chain intelligence.
    • Educating our customers on product provenance and promoting responsible sourcing.
  • We will build long-term, trusted relationships with our partners based on mutual respect. Sustainability is important to us, and it is important that our partners share similar values. We will aim to achieve continuous improvement in our Voice of Supplier results.
Goal 5: Have a positive impact on our customers and communities
  • We are committed to keeping our customers, partners and the community safe by:
    • Eliminating serious incidents.
    • Eliminating the possibility of someone being injured or suffering an illness, whilst engaging with us.
    • We will invest the equivalent of 1 per cent of a 3 year rolling average of total Group Earnings Before Interest and Tax (EBIT) in community partnerships and programs.
  • We will provide opportunities for our team members to give back to their local communities.
  • We will listen to and learn from our customers and team members on social equity issues affecting our community, taking a stand where appropriate and in accordance with our guiding principles.