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Woolworths is committed to continuous improvement, transparency and accountability. We will not tolerate workplace misconduct under any circumstances and we need our trade partners to work with us to stamp out any and every instance. Woolworths has clear, long-standing and accepted procedures for trade partners to report any issues. However we recognise there is always opportunity to strengthen our systems. This is why we have introduced the Speak Up service for trade partners to use when normal escalation methods have been exhausted or are inappropriate.

Issues that can be reported through the Speak Up service include breaches of the law or instances where trade partners believe that dealings with a Woolworths business division or employee have created or are likely to create issues such as:

  • Fraud, corruption or behaviour that threatens others
  • People or product safety risk
  • Breach of the Law, in particular restrictive or unconscionable trade practices
  • Theft
  • Conflict of interest
  • Secret commissions, bribes or corruption
  • Improper disclosure of confidential information
  • Bullying
  • Harassment