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By 2020, our own brand products won’t contribute to global deforestation.

As a member of The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF), a global industry network that brings together the CEOs of major global retailers and consumer brand owners, Woolworths is a signatory to the CGF Board resolution to achieve zero net deforestation through the consumer goods supply chain by 2020 through sourcing commodities like palm oil, soya, beef, paper and board in a sustainable fashion.

Paper and timber products

Woolworths is making substantial progress in sustainably sourcing paper and timber products.

  • 100% of our own brand tissues, toilet paper and kitchen towels are sourced from third party certified sustainable sources.
  • All outdoor furniture sold at BIG W is sourced from sustainably managed sources certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).
  • 100% of copy paper used in our Australian businesses is from sustainably managed sources certified by FSC.
  • 100% of our catalogue paper, almost 950 million catalogues (weighing 52,201 tonnes), are sourced from sustainably managed sources certified by either FSC or PEFC.
Palm Oil

Woolworths is a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), a multi-stakeholder organisation comprising retailers, manufacturers, palm oil producers, traders and non-government organisations. It sets global standards for palm oil production and manages a certification scheme. In FY16, 100% of the palm oil in our Own Brand food products supported the production of certified sustainable palm oil. Woolworths also commits to using physical RSPO palm oil through the RSPO identity preserved, segregated or mass balance models, by phasing out any remaining RSPO Book & Claim palm oil.

We are clearly labelling use of palm oil in our products so our customers can make informed choices.