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All our Own Brand products will be produced to a high standard of animal welfare.


All of our fresh pork meat is sourced from farms that only use stalls for less than 10% of the sows' gestation period.


Woolworths continues to offer cage-free egg choices to our customers, with just over half of all eggs sold in our stores produced in a cage free environment.

So what are the different non-cage production systems for Woolworths own brand eggs?

Barn - hens are housed indoors in barns during the day and at night. Food and water are provided to the birds and they have access to nest boxes in which they can lay their eggs. They are also provided with a number of perches on which they can choose to roost.

Free range - hens are housed in barns and have access to feed and water.  The barns have nest boxes in which hens lay their eggs and perches on which they can roost. During daylight hours birds have access to a range area through pop-holes along the side of the barn. Should they choose to access the range, birds have shade or shelter and are able to dustbathe, peck, scratch and perform other normal behaviours. The maximum permitted stocking density of birds on the range is 10,000 birds per hectare (where hens are regularly rotated into fresh range areas and some vegetation cover is provided). Birds are protected from predators by fencing and also by being housed at night in the barns. During periods of extreme weather conditions the farmer will manage the birds access to the range to ensure animal welfare is maintained.

Chicken Meat

All of the fresh chicken meat sold in our supermarkets is produced on RSPCA approved (or equivalent) farms.  Woolworths own-brand products in-store where chicken is a defined visible ingredient (i.e. chicken pieces) will also use RSPCA (or equivalent) standard by December 2018.

Animal Testing

Woolworths does not use animal testing in its own brand products.